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  My Account is the flagship company of S & D Emerging Entrepreneurs, a diversified services company headquartered in Mumbai, India. is a provider of high quality, personalized, convenient, yet affordable online tutorials tp students around the world.

Founded by a group of likeminded professionals has a team of highly qualified, experienced and seasoned professionals and educators, with bachelors and master’s degrees from top schools in India and USA. Each member of our management team possesses excellent academic credentials and a deep personal interest in education ensuring a strong focus on quality and results. It comprises academicians, professors, school and college teachers who have wide experience of teaching students, assessing them and authoring books.

Dhaval Mehta, Co-Founder & Director
Dhaval was responsible for all aspects of strategy and business development. Prior to starting with Teacherni, he spent 5 years in Investment Banking in various positions with mid to large bracket Investment Banks including Kotak and Bank of America. He worked with various Fortune 500 companies during his tenor including consulting on strategy. He has a B.S. degree in Economics & Computer Science from University of Michigan (Ann Arbor).

Shruti Mehta, Co-Founder & Director
Shruti was reponsible for day-to-day operations, customer advocacy and tutor management. Prior to starting with Teacherni, she worked for few years in Invesment Banking arm of Lehman Brothers. She has a BMS degree from HR College, M.S. degree in Finance from London School of Economics and is a registered Chartered Accountant.


Shekhar Sathe - an education enthusiast with multiple talents and experiences on handling new business areas. He has worked with Kotak Bank for over 20 years and lead many buinsess verticals. He brings with him a strong background on running new ventures and how to lead with innovation.

Our study tells us that on average every student needs to revise concepts taught in school to understand its use and application. But in todays competetive world where the child goes through so many pressures of units tests, term exams, extra-cirricular activities and more they do not spend enough time to revise concepts especially difficult ones and end up skipping them. At we ensure that does not happen. Our tutors revise each concept in detail providing ample examples and practical applications. We guarantee your child's performance!'s mission is to help students reach their full potential, improve their grades and at the same time enjoy the process of learning. Our personalized services provide them with the individual time and attention their current school schedules and busy home environments cannot offer. Parents are encouraged to participate in their child’s learning process. We provide monthly performance indicators, teacher-parent conferences and review of your child's online sessions. What more - Just ask us and we will give you regular updates of their performance!

Our tutors have strong academic backgrounds, subject expertise and passion for teaching. They each have to go extensive screening, certification and background-check process. Tutors at know what is like to be a student and understand the stress of homework and exams. Hence our tutors are ready to help you with everything from homework and projects to exams, from school and college to your entrance test prep.

Our methodology
  • Personalized study plans
  • Interactive one-on-one online sessions that provide step-wise visual and verbal understanding of the topic in a meeting room using voice, text chat and virtual whiteboard
  • Regular assessments
  • Revision through recorded transcripts of sessions
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