Product Features
100 Years' experience
TeacherNI experts have over 100 years of combined experience.
Simplified Notes
Simplified Study Notes prepared by our board experts.
Over 8000 Multiple Choice Questions for daily revision.
Predictive Papers
Prediction papers with expert analysis by ex-ICSE/ISC examiners.
Solve, Click, Upload
Solve, Click and Upload papers with a Desktop or a Smartphone.
Expert Analysis
Performance analysis to help students focus better.
Counsellor Guidance
A counsellor for academic guidance at every step.
Subjects Offered
We offer the following subjects in ICSE: English (Language and Literature), Hindi, Maths, History and Civics, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Applications
"The Geography notes and predictive papers proved to be especially helpful. I was able to access the solutions online, and this made things easier for me. The English Language compositions, and letter writing practise that I received through, allowed me to achieve a better overall score in the board exams." Siddharth Aravinth, 96% overall (ICSE 2013-2014), New Horizon School
"I had set out to achieve 90%+ in my boards, and I knew I could only make it happen through hard work, perseverance and the right kind of planning. TeacherNI's test prep helped make things much easier. Their predictive paper booklet gave me great practice, and their quick revision notes across subjects saved me a lot of precious time. The best part is I could do all of this on my cellphone." Shikhar Kampani, 94% overall (ICSE 2013-2014), St. Gregorios High School
"The Computer Application notes are student-friendly and very easy to refer to. It helped me a lot for last minute revision too. There is a set of practical and programming questions which give a lot of practice. Everything in the notes in according to the board syllabus." Simran Dharod, 100% in Computer Applications (ICSE 2012-2013) Christ Church School
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