Dhaval Mehta, Co-Founder & Managing Director

You could certainly say is my baby -- I am responsible for all aspects of strategy and business development. Prior to, I spent five years in the Investment Banking sector and held various positions with mid to large bracket Investment Banks including Kotak and Bank of America. I've also worked with Fortune 500 companies and have offered consultation regarding strategy. I have a B.S. degree in Economics & Computer Science from University of Michigan (Ann Arbor). I love adventure sports including bungee jumping and paragliding. Also, I am a true foodie, movie buff and an avid reader of Ravi Subramanian. An ICSE alumni 1996, Green Lawns High School, Warden Road, Mumbai.

Audry Hailina, User Support

I sure know how to get things done which is why I handle the day-to-day operations at period. I am very process oriented and have over four years of operations and support experience. I hold a B.Sc in Computer Science. I am a true bookworm, and love both fiction and non-fiction--The Alchemist is my favourite book.

Raghav Pandurlikar, IT

I'm a Tech-Consultant at TeacherNi. I have explored the technology field for over 7 years in website development and internet technologies. My prior stints include, and PHI Creativity. I'm an avid trekker and love listening to Bollywood music.